Oliver’s Village

Oliver’s Village

Oliver's Village

A self-sustainable community development project

The purpose of Oliver’s Village is to provide a number of social services to the disadvantaged communities of Daveyton. Oliver’s Village is totally off the grid relying only on what nature provides. We focus on:

  1. Early childhood development
  2. Maths and science education
  3. Computer training
  4. Food security
  5. Enterprise development.

We currently provide social services to more than 600 beneficiaries per day.

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Solar Power

using solar energy at Oliver's Village

At Oliver’s Village we use solar power to provide all the electricity we need. Each of the facilities we have has its own solar power system that provides electricity. In total we have six solar power systems.

Combined, the solar power systems can generate 44kWh of power per day.

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Water Management

Ground water and rainwater harvesting

We have two boreholes that provide us with all the water we need. One of the boreholes provides all the water we need for our staff and benefiaries. The water from this borehole is filtered through an ultraviolet filter and tested for potability each year.

The second borehole provides all the water we use in our agricultural projects. Furthermore, to help conserve the groundwater we have 120,000lt of water under rainwater harvesting. The rainwater we harvest serves us well during the summer months, reducing the usage of borehole water by up to 60%..

To further reduce our usage of grounwater, all our irrigation is through means of drip irrigation.

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Food Security

Food Security at Oliver's Village

We grow all the vegetables we use in our soup kitchen and the kitchen of our early childhood development centre. We have 6 food gardens of varying size and a community vegetable garden.

The community vegetable garden is used to train our beneficiaries about food security. The produce harvested in this garden is for the benefit of the community.

All excess vegetables not used in any of our kitchens is taken up by the agr-business enterprise program we run from Oliver’s Village. The funds generated from this program is used to further develop our food security programme. 

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