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AECI food parcel donation

Putfontein residents receive 100 food parcels donations

One hundred food parcels were donated to vulnerable community members of Putfontein by the Nelson Mandela Foundation on October 29 at Oliver’s Village.

This was made possible by the foundation, in collaboration with AECI and multiple institutional stakeholders, funders, and the public who stood in solidarity with the Each1Feed1 emergency relief food delivery initiative.

Each food parcel is valued at about R1 500 and contains non-perishable food, fruit, and vegetables which could last a family of five or more for a month.

AECI food parcel donation
Some of the beneficiaries waiting to receive the food parcels.

Yase Godlo, Nelson Mandela Foundation director for Mandela Day and Outreach, said through the Each1Feed1 initiative, the foundation aims to bring relief to the plight of food security as the result of the pandemic.

“The initiative is supported by multiple institutional stakeholders, funders and the public, and its anchor partners are the Kolisi Foundation and the Imbumba Foundation,” said Godlo.

The beneficiaries were identified through Oliver’s Village outreach programme.

Lola Wortley, Oliver’s Village director for planning and development, thanked AECI and other various stakeholders.

“Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do,” said Wortley.

“A big thank you to everyone, thank you for the continuous support that you give us.”

Nelson Mandela CEO Sello Hatang thanked AECI, United Nations and other funders for their support.

“Our gratitude goes to Oliver’s House for the care that they keep giving to the community, we have travelled about 25 000km around the country to help families,” said Hatang.

AECI food parcel donation
Delegates from AECI, United Nations and Nelson Mandela Foundation were given a tour around Oliver’s House by Lola Wortley (middle, director for planning and development).

“We are a wounded nation and our wounds continue to grow due to poverty and inequality.”

Hatang added that no one should be neglected and people must rest assured that there will be someone who will try to lift them.

Mark Dytor, AECI CEO, said, “It is a great honour and privilege for me and the AECI executive team to be here. We have been putting a lot of effort into Oliver’s House since 2013.

“We have helped build something very special for the community, the whole idea is to sustain, teach, educate and give dignity to people in these difficult times,” said Dytor.

One of the beneficiaries, Pinky Ndlovu, said they are very happy to receive these food parcels. It came as a surprise to them and they didn’t expect so much food.

AECI food parcel donation
Nomcebo Motha of Mayfield was speechless when she received the food parcel.

“We were very worried about how we will make ends meet to feed our families, but then God made a plan for us,” said Ndlovu.

“Today, we are rejoicing and we praise God for opening the hearts of all the funders who made this possible and we thank Oliver’s Village for always sharing the little that they have with us.”

Ellen Nozaziyo, who also received a food parcel, said now her husband and four grandchildren will have something to eat.

“I have no words to express how thankful I am. May God bless them to continue helping those in need,” said Nozaziyo.

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